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The Bowie knife is instantly recognizable due to its unique design. Though originally meant for self-defense, today the Damascus steel Bowie knife is used by hunters for skinning and butchering game, or simply by knife collectors. It also makes a respectable wilderness survival knife and a contender for one of the better choices for a bug out bag (if you don’t mind the weight).

The Bowie knife was primarily designed to be an easily manageable, wearable, and convenient close battle knife. It was similar to a small sword with a heavy blade. When the knife was first made, many described it as a large butcher’s knife. However, today, its clipped edge makes it instantly recognizable. Custom Bowie knives have a large fixed-blade fighting knife, with a clip-point at the end of the blade, and a hand guard. Its weight allows enough force to slash through foliage as well as flesh with a single swing.

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Damascus Custom Bowie Knife w/ Bone Handle

Damascus Custom Bowie Knife w/ Bone Handle

This custom bowie knife is perfect for hunting, outdoor sports and short tactical battles. Hard blad..


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