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Except otherwise stated elsewhere, the displayed price for every product represents the full price for the product itself by the manufacturer or supplier, in accordance with the rules and standard of the sales industry. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the price of any product at anytime without prior notice to the retailers or consumers. Until your order enters the shipping process or cart, we will not charge your credit card or any other source of your payment method.


Purchases are made in line with the agreement reached between the seller and the buyer and the products’ prices charged as stated on the sales page without any hidden fees charged. If any, a prior notification of such charge will be sent to the buyer for confirmation. Major forms of online payments such as PayPal, credit card payments are 100% secured on our server using the SSL technology, hence all online cash transactions are safe from the activities of hackers. You have nothing to fear.


We guarantee that the products offered for sale are exactly as it is stated on the website page. Gladiatorsguild warrant that the product description is genuine, accurate, current and real. The customer reserves every right to return the product in its unused condition and get refunded with 30 days provided the product offered is not as described in the sales page.


On strict compliance to the rules and regulations, products returns are made in conditions where the delivered product is not as exactly ordered on the website or for any other relevant conditions as agreed between the supplier and the customer. In situations where a similar alternative cannot be provided, refunds, in like amount, are made as quick as possible.

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