7 Cool & Best Pocket Knives You Can Ever Get [Buying Guide]

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7 Cool & Best Pocket Knives You Can Ever Get [Buying Guide]

You’re reading this because you have an awesome plan ahead and you want the best pocket knife, not just a pocket knife. Don’t worry!You’re not alone for this, we are here to make sure that you buy a cool pocket knife that suits you the best. Though we listed 10 best pocket knives for your convenience, but in order to ensure the right choice according to your personal preferences, you need following things to consider:

Question to Ask Yourself before Buying a Pocket Knife.

When you’re looking for thebest pocket knife, and get the problemin choosing, you should ask yourself few questions about its intended usage. Otherwise, you might be in a shock after youbuy it.

·        Why I need a pocket knife?

·        What material should the knife be made of?

·        Does it foldeasily, like best pocket knives?

·        Will it take rust?

·        Is there any button for folding and unfoldingthe knife?

·        Does it come in sharpest pocket knife category?

·        How many people reviewed it positively?

·        Is there any flaw in the folding knife you’regonna buy?

Things to Consider While Buying a Pocket Knife?

Buying a pocket knife wasn’t not much difficult ever as ithas become nowadays. This is so because of many brands that are contributing tothis field and are making pocket knives with different designs and specific purposes.If you want to choose the best pocketknife, you must consider the following things.

1. Number of blades

Single blade folding knives:

The best qualities of single blade pocket knives aresimplicity, size, and strength. Unlikemulti-blade knives, they are easy to foldand is the best choice for strongerworks.

Multi-blade pocket knives:

Multi-blade knives may have two, three or four blades.Though these folding knives give you a variety, these do not have durability andstrength as much as single blade pocket knives.

Knives with multi-tools:

Multi-tools knives have more tools than just a blade. Tools like, saws, can opener, nail cutter,scissors, magnifying glasses, and corkscrews are common in multi-dimensionalpocket knives in the market.

2. Type of Edge; Plain, Serrated or Combo.

In the past, only plain edged pocket knives were there, but recently knives with other types of edges have become popular as well.

Plain edges pocket knives:

·        They are better for performing push cuts.

·        They allowmore accuracy, better control and can easily besharpened.

·        However, pull cuts are difficult with a plainedged knife.

Serrated Edge Folding Knife:

·        It does better in cutting tough materials, this is so because of high pressure per area due to the presence of serrations.

·        It is difficult to sharpen, you may have to send it back to the factory.

·        However, partially serrated knives are more popular as compared to fully serrated edged knives.

Combo Edged Knives:

·        For both rigorous and push cutting, these knives perform best.

·        They are having the same problem in sharpening,like serrated edged knives.

·        However, they are may not be able to perform certain tasks.

3. Choosing the Length of the Blade.

There are a lot of pocket knives with a different blade length in the market available.They have their own importance and abilities to perform some specific task evenbetter than the other best pocket knives. As you have some purpose for which you’re buying a pocket knife, you need to pay attention to the size of theblade as well.

1. Folding knife with a small blade; under 2.75 inches:

·        A small blade knife has a number of benefits. One of the important things about it is that it is legal everywhere.

·        It is easy to carry and can be used for cutting strings and opening letters and boxes.

·        However, small blades knives are not versatile and strong as larger blade knives.

·        One can use it as every day carry a knife (EDC).

2. Pocket knife with a medium blade;2.75 to 4 inches:

·        Many best pocket knives come in this category;small enough and better handling with strength.

·        The main disadvantage of this knife is that it is illegal to carry.

·        It provides easy opening mechanism during stressful times.

3. Large blade knives; more than 4 inches.

·        These are the best pocket knives for self-defense purpose.

·        They are heavier and are also illegal to carry.

·        These knives aren’t practical as every day carry (EDC).

4. Price

Price is one of the factors that you should keep in mind while buying a pocket knife. It depends on quality, blades, and brand of the knife mainly. However, if you find a pocket knife with desirable features, then you should buy without having a look on this factor.

5. Blade Type and Material.

The modern knife comes in a variety of shapes and design. That’s why it has become necessary to see blade type in order have the desirable characteristics.

6. Choosing Folding Knife Blade Steel.

One of the most important aspects of pocket knives is blade steel. Here’s why you should consider this factor while selecting a pocket knife:

2.      You already have an idea of “why are you buying a pocket knife”, it means it would easy to choose material from which blade should be made of. For example, if you want it for cutting tough material like wire, ropes,and cardboard, then you should choose a wear resistant alloy.

3.      Remember that thickness of blade leads to strength.

7. Handle Material.

A good quality handle ensures its grip. Different materialsgive different features and thus, your selecting decision should be made on thebasis of personal preference.

8. Opening Mechanism.

The opening mechanism is an extremely important factor, especially for the outdoor purpose. You may get in some hardsituations where you would need a knife;getting late in such circumstances can make a big difference. Pocket knives may have:

·        Manual blade opening

·        Automatic opening with a button

·        Assisted opening

9. Locking Mechanism.

Protective lock mechanism not only saves time but also prevents you accidentally snap your fingers. Lever lock,frame lock, mid, back, slip joints, ring and liner lock are different locks that are nowadays there in modern folding knives.

10. People Reviews

People usually write in reviews the good and bad aspects of the knife they use. This is an easy way of getting an idea which features are really present in a specific pocket knife. So, it becomes easier for you to choose “best pocket knife” for yourself as per personal preferences.

7 Best Pocket Knives

After having a look at the above-mentioned factors, we created this list of best folding pocket knives.

1. Cool Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife ChessMate

·        It is small and best folding knife for every day carry.

·        It usually comes with a sheath.

·        It is a top rated pocket knife for outdoor, camping, hunting and hiking.

·        In order to ensure blade protection, make sure that you apply vegetable oil after each use.

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Length factors:

·        Length of knife when open: 8.0 inches

·        Blade length: 3.5 inches

·        Stage handle: 4.5

2. Custom Damascus Karambit Folding Knife with Brass Handle

·        It is silver colored handmade pocket knife.

·        The handle is made up of brass.

·        It has twist pattern and sharp edges for cutting.

·        Vegetable after every use keeps its blade great.

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Other features of Damascus karambit folding knife:

·        Total length when open: 8.25 inches

·        Length of the blade: 3.75 inches

·        Handle length: 4.5 inches

·        It includes a leather sheath.

3. Damascus Folding Pocket Knife with Sheath with Buffalo Horn

·        It is one of the best pocket knives with a liner lock.

·        The fine leather sheath is included.

·        It is a high-quality knife with better strength for cutting tough materials.

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Other features are:

·        4 inches blade

·        5 inches handle.

·        9 inches long when open.

·        It weighs 200g.

·        This pocket knife has buffalo horn as handle material.

4.Damascus Leaf Pocket Knife

·        Leaf pocket knife has steel blade.

·        It has a beautiful and stylish design.

·        It is easy to grip as it has Damascus Steel as handling material.

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Other features of Damascus leaf pocket knife are:

·        Overall length when open: 8.5 inches.

·        4.5 inches blade length

·        It may have both pattern, twisted and Raindrop.

5. Engraved Custom Survival Pocket knife 

·        One of the best pocket knife for self-defense.

·        These knives come with a leather sheath.

·        These knives have been made for outdoor, camping, and hiking purposes.

·        This EDC folding knife is easy to carry.

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Other features of Engraved custom survival Damascus knife are:

·        8. 75 inches overall length

·        4 inches blade length.

·        4.75 handle length.

·        Handle consists of black horn and brass

6. Engraved Damascus Folding Pocket Knife with Bone Handle

·        It is one of the best knives for cutting hard substances.

·        Better handle material ensures grip.

·        The leather sheath may or may not be included.

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Other features of Engraved Damascus folding knife with bone are:

·        Total length is 8.75 inches.

·        Blade length is 4.75 inches.

·        Handle length is 4 inches.

7. Hunting Knife by Gladiators (Custom-Handmade) Ram Horn Handle

·        It is gladiator’s guild best pocket knife.

·        It is top rated for hunting purpose.

·        Ram horn folding knife is good for fishing, and camping also.

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Other features of Ram horn handle hunting knife are:

·        It is one of the sharpest pocket knives.

·        Liner lock in it makes opening and closing easy.

·        Overall length is 23 cm.

·        Blade length is 10.4 cm.

·        Handle length is 13 cm when folded.

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