Top 9 Kitchen Knife Hacks you Should Know

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Top 9 Kitchen Knife Hacks you Should Know

Sometimes, it’s never easy to get back to the digital world and dig on some stuff that may save our valuable time. We all know very well that before the advent of internet, everything wasn’t on our fingertips. Instead, brainpower was the real deal when it came to expedient our routines with personalized shortcuts and maneuverings tools. Taking today in our perceptions, super-crazy fast smart phones and gadgets never crossed our minds.

It is a known fact that families, running on morals and values have sorted and seeded old traditional hacks and remedies inside the minds of their generations. Nevertheless, sometimes, things get cold and single handedly aggravated when there’s no time on the dial while everything seems terribly disrupted. Today, we will be discussing the top 10 knife hacks you could count on to shape up things perfectly.

Sharpening knife edges with upside down Culinary Items

A simple straightforward kitchen knife hack that almost everyone knows, which really saves a great deal of a host’s life, when it comes to serve the guests with those salad side notes. Most of your bowls, plates and cups are shaped out from earthenware such as clay, plastic and glassware. So all you have to do is place them on their notches and use the back boundaries to slither on the blades to get them back in shape with razor-sharp sheen edge entities.

Heat up your Knives to make instant slices effortlessly

One of the biggest cutting-edge miracles you can perform with your kitchen daggers. Sharpened blades are always a key to cut clean-chit serves of veggies and fruits in perfect snippet shape, making your main courses look more delectable. But, when it comes to pierce the meat into two halves and so, all you have to do is withdraw your blades from the raw red meat that makes you knife look like an axe wedged on a tree. Heating up your savoring swords really deal with acerbic incisions to these hard-to-chew uncooked animal protein and other hard-to-crack shell edibles and items you could stock in your home’s cookhouse.

Grip up some Rubber bands on your Knife’s kilt for a good Grip

Who doesn’t want to finish cutting, tracing, mincing, etc., with all fingers intact? Well, now you can. All you have to do is cover your blade’s handle with a few rubber bands, making it a good grip to grasp it unaccompanied while doing a fruit ninja demonstration in your kitchen. Moreover, you can enhance this lever just by bracing it with a bit of tape fixture touch to it.

Cover the back of the blade of your Knife

So here’s another knife hack you probably must try in order to get the most of its cutting edge rapidity. Please don’t feel embarrass at all, we’ve all tried to become one of those Master Chef contestants at home. End result, dish well served with an adhesive band-aid at display. In order to make your knife a bit secured and more hand-friendly, all you have to do is apply an insulating tape on its lower back near the kilt. Much better to sticky strip strap your blade rather than your fingers. Safer and swifter like never before!

Use your Kitchen Knife as a juice-to-the-dust Crusher

Not bad to crush n’ squeeze some juice from herbs, limes and lemons. Knives aren’t just about those pointed ends and sharp sides to do the work for you. Sometimes, the luster steel surface matter as well and gives an ideal press condense to extract all that drops-to-the-core juice content from miniature produce. Likewise, solidified brown sugar or baking soda can be grinded back to its powdered form with the help of the blades friendly flattened sides.

Magnets are ideal hang-on-the-wall Holsters for your Blades

Your kitchen knives always meant to serve you with the best pieces in perfect proportions. For this very reason, you should be having these in your hands at abrupt moments without any irksome hesitations. Not bad to make these stainless steel accessories, the in-hand essentials right at your hands. With just a soft touch or even a dab, you might be performing in your kitchen; natural decoys can give you the best clutch for your cutlery entries. Magnets can do wonders to get your kitchen stilettos accustomed right on their surface.

Wedge your knives for some non-wedging Veggies Cut

Here’s one of the greatest tip you can get from any hacks experts like someone telling you to buy the Michael Jackson costume from USAJackets or related to the cutlery business. All you have to do is take your kitchen blade and lodge it into something that would create an opposite thrust force towards the back of your knives. For example, using lumber to plumb in some of the blades to make it a perfect quadrangle faced watermelon slicer. I hope you got it!

Enhance your Blender/Grinder with propelling Blades on top

This might be one of the cheekiest hacks you could ever perform with your kitchen knives. However, it totally depends on your cleaning machines for making miniscule traces of produce. Specifically, look out for the lid up above which you might compress with your palms when pressing the power button. If there’s a little peep hole above, you’re lucky to give your blades a shot right inside it. Use your hand to hold both the cover and cutlass, and enjoy a revitalizing less-bits-more-juice drink with a much smoother fluid guzzles sound down your throats.

Make your Scullery knife blade to guzzle in Fruits and Cups

This might be a bit lame and a non-sensible thing to do with your knife. In case, you’re one of those fast food lovers, but are grounded for coming late at night from McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut or some other fancy eatery established by the Generation Z food lovers. No problem, once more you can try a dotted watermelon from the top, skull squashing its inside fruit to tidbits for you to enjoy instantly it with a spoon. Moreover, you can add solid contents in a cup or glass and use the pointed bayonet edges to pound ingredients as per your liking.

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